Technical Production

Eventco has a genuine passion for technical production and since entering the event market over a decade ago, we have produced events among the most innovative and dynamic staged in Australia.  In fact, our production vision and delivery is so powerful, your event will enjoy no creative boundaries.  We provide the foundation to express imagination - a way to make your vision a reality.

Our audio visual, sound and lighting services form an integral part of our events.  We provide access to cutting edge technology through our established network of national suppliers and these relationships have been fostered giving you the confidence required in our team of industry professionals.

Cutting edge technology

Eventco draws from years of experience to produce technologically advanced events and combined with our highly skilled technicians it is our “technical creative soul” that keeps Eventco Group at the forefront of the industry.

Allow us to assist in effectively getting your brand and its messages into the hands and minds of your target market.